Maurice Wingfield

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Past projects and testimonials

Web Bookmarking App

  • Role: Application Design and Development
  • Client: Self-Initiated Learning Project
  • Platform: PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery
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The app is a testing ground for new ideas. The practices and concepts I learned while building this app include: the MVC pattern, source code management, cloud computing, continuous deployment and database abstraction.

Source Control

This project was managed with git from start to finish. Using Atlassian Bitbucket to host repositories and using both the SourceTree client and git from the command line.

Windows Azure Deployment

The app is hosted on Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Before that, on a tyical shared linux hosting environment. The Azure + Bitbucket integration allows for continuous deployment. All pushes to the main branch of this repository will be deployed automatically. Azure has given me the opportunity to explore node.js and machine learning.

MVC Architecture

The CreationSoup PHP codebase is in it's 4th iteration. The app's architecture has become more consistent with the MVC patter by breaking up both user-facing and internal functionality with discrete components. A routing module handles page requests as well as delivering messages between application components. Database abstraction is achieved with the RedbeanPHP ORM. Application entities are represented by php classes and are instantiated from the data returned from ORM queries.


A complete refactoring of the app is underway. This new server is built on node.js with the express framework. This new iteration is a thick client app using backbone.js-inspired ampersand for a front-end MVC framework. In the process of learning node.js, I've moved from Windows to ubuntu linux for a development environment. I'm still using git for source management, but there's no Sourcetree app for linux so I'm using git from the command line. Development is on-going.

DreamTeam25 2014 Fund Raising Website

  • Role: Design and Development
  • Client: Harlem RBI
  • Platform: Expression Engine, PHP, HTML,
    CSS, jQuery
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This project made clear the benefits of hooking into third party platforms. We integrated with the online payment platform using SOAP as well as the twitter and youtube REST APIs. New challenges with building cross-browser responsive designs, including pure CSS grid layouts, modals and forms.

I was contracted to help develop an approach and to implement the DreamTeam25 2014 fund raising website. The site would facilitate the annual giving campaign and syndicate messaging across social platforms. Qualifying donors are entered to win a day with Mark Texiera at Yankee stadium. In the past, 9 winners were chosen by Mark and Harlem RBI staff, but in 2014 the decision was made to open voting up to the public. The site would have to interface with the existing payment processing platform, identify qualifying donors, present donor pages with unique URL's and tack votes for each participant. Marketing opportunities included the donor confirmation email and pre-populated tweet buttons.

Harlem RBI 2013 Online Annual Report

  • Role: Responsive Design and Coding
  • Client: Harlem RBI
  • Platform: static HTML, CSS, jQuery
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We were successful in striking a balance between cross-browser compatible responsive layout behavior and staying true to the designer's vision.

I was approached by the Communications team at Harlem RBI to build a mobile-friendly minisite that would bring the 2013 annual report online. The report had already been printed and a rough idea of the online conversion had been mocked up, so there was some design work to be done. Through wireframes and high fidelity mockups I presented a solution to flow content and transform the navigation interface for multiple screen sizes. I built out static HTML page templates using CSS media queries. Responsive text was achieved by building SVG images. Animated effects in the UI were accomplished with a combination of CSS transitions and vanilla javascript.

Tiny Giant Studio

  • Role: Design and Coding
  • Employer: Tiny Giant Studio
  • Platform: static HTML, CSS, jQuery
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Sometimes, the simplest presentation is best. For a project to succeed in addressing the goals of the business required taking away everything that wasn't showcasing the product and driving leads.

This mobile-friendly static HTML site employs a simple and clean grid layout placing the video content up front for the visitor.

The Arnold Pinkney Project

June 2013
  • Role: Web Design & Development, Video Production
  • Client: Eduardo Romero
  • Web Platform: static HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Video Production: Adobe After Effects CS6
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The focus of the design and functionality is about fostering community. The minisite would act in tandem with the project's facebook page by driving likes / follows and presenting the teaser video.

This static HTML minisite puts the focus on the late Mr. Pinkney's contribution to the city, the region and the nation. Photographic content from Mr. Pinkney's own personal library added a human dimension but the self-produced video piece brought the site to life. The video, produced by


Cleveland WPC Website

  • Role: Design and Development
  • Employer: Cleveland Water Pollution Control Division
  • Platform: Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery
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My first web project that was not self-initiated. I learned that organizations have drastically different goals for even a non-commercial website than individuals do. The project began with interviews across the organization and it quickly became clear that a deeper understanding of the business should always drive design.

This Wordpress site features a custom-built theme. The site has run continuously since I left in 2012 and administration has changed hands twice.


James B. Wilson

President and Founder at C.H.E.S.S LLC

Maurice is very talented in the graphics and web field. He is able to focus in on a task, complete the task and deliver on time and within budget. I've worked directly with him and have seen his passion for the projects he's worked on.

Marc Majers

UX Designer at Hyland Software

Maurice was a pleasure to work with as an web design intern at Cleveland Institute of Art. His creativity is soundly intertwined with his ability to collaborate. He works efficiently, pays attention to detail, and gives you his best effort on each project. I highly recommend Maurice as a web designer and hope to work with him again in the future.

Dar Caldwell

Director of Operations at AMIDAC

Maurice Wingfield is an outstanding example of an entrepreneurial-minded creative worker. His creativity and ideas have added tremendously to many of our projects. Great team player. What sets him apart from many in the freelance marketplace is his ability to maintain a high level of creative output on several projects at once while balancing the creative, business and personal interests of all involved. Overwhelmingly positive addition to a team's culture.

Greg Clement

Founder CEO of RealeFlow

Maurice was incredibly talented when he worked with us at RealeFlow. It was eciting to see what he would come up withon each project he worked on and I am sure our paths will cross again and will look forward to seeing what we can do!